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Friday Journal: Rain Fell

Rain fell most of the day yesterday, the entirety of the night and today. Cold rain. The kind that makes you feel chilly despite a warm and snugly house robe, thick socks and several cups of hot coffee. I should... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: A Roll Pin, a Ride and a Birthday

Sometimes this past week seemed really long yet the days flew by in a blur. Two occurrences made the days pass slowly. My husband had meetings most of the week that kept him from spending his lunch hour with us.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Doogan and the Governor’s Mansion

Other than my husband struggling with his vertigo we had a fairly nice week. The weather turned cool enough to start turning the trees warm autumn shades. Several times this week I wished I had my cell in hand so... Continue Reading →

Journal: Fellowship of the Weird and Templar Knights

We visited another church this morning. The pastor spoke on the reasons that Christians should go to church. Not really the sermon I wanted to hear. He listed the reasons people quit going to church and a few of those... Continue Reading →

Radical Authenticity Challenge: Writer or Blogger

As you open up a New Post page this week, meditate on Shapiro’s words. What does authenticity mean to you? How do you feel right now, in this moment? When you identify how you feel, do you judge it? Is... Continue Reading →

Journal: Taj Mahal, Mechanical Bulls and Little Buddha

I went to church this morning. The people were so very kind and I've never experienced sweeter hospitality at any other church. Sadly, there were very few children and not one adult near my or my husband's age. So many people... Continue Reading →

Knit Hats

The child is only truly educated who can use his hands as truly as his head, for to neglect one part of our being injures the whole...    --Charlotte Mason To neglect one part of our being injures the whole... There... Continue Reading →

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