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Ordinary Moments: New

Today I trained for my new position at work. My only reason for accepting the new tasks was the hope that I would get at least twenty hours in a work week. I am beginning to despair on that but... Continue Reading →


Ordinary Moments Journal: Nature and Faith

Day nine of thirty. Today went by in a flash. I went to work. While selecting food in the potato chip aisle at work, "Where I Come From" by Montgomery Gentry began playing. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed.... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Prayer of Dance

Day eight after missing days six and seven. My daughter is currently heating up left overs in the microwave. Nothing extraordinary. The fun part about the moment is that she is dancing. She feels better now. She felt terrible most... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Hummingbird

Day five of thirty. I enjoy watching hummingbirds. We have feeders near our homeschool room window and by our pack porch window. For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to capture a shot of the Ruby Throated... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal

Day four of thirty. This morning I went to work. I did my best to stay positive in a negative atmosphere. Our new manager insisted on saving hours during a holiday weekend. Rough morning at the shop. Home was an... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Examen

Day three of thirty. I've been using the Sacred Ordinary Days planner. A daily planner that includes elements of the Liturgical year. One of my favorite features is the weekly examen on Sunday. When I was in the monastery and... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Morning Thoughts

Day two of thirty. Most days of the week begin at four in the morning. Sometimes I bound out of bed (in a slow painfully stiff-jointed manner) and other times I fall back asleep for ten to fifteen minutes. When... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Rain

Day one of thirty, capturing ordinary moments and phrases of my day. I got up early this morning, a couple of hours before the sun rose. Boots joined me as I quietly made my way downstairs. She ran to the... Continue Reading →

The Last Embers of August

August of 2017 fades into history tonight. I was not ready for August to begin; let alone end. Yet, here we are. Tomorrow is September...the month I have looked forward to since January when I bought tickets for the Wild+Free... Continue Reading →

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