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Crashing in Slow Motion

My crew left for western Kentucky this morning to visit with my husband's family. They'll be heading back tonight. I have not been left alone for this long since...I have no idea. In  many ways I was looking forward to... Continue Reading →

One Morning

When I peeked outside this morning the sun was already shining over the horizon. A deer was passing through the nearby pasture. The dew sparkled magnificently. I had to spend the remains of the morning outside. I've only spent a... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Journal: Adjusting and Passing Blessings

I worked Sunday night and did not really feel like writing a post after returning home. I ended up working alone that night. The shift manager really wanted to watch the Super Bowl so I told her to go on... Continue Reading →

Project 52: Capturing the Ordinary Magnitude

Today is cold and snow spirals from the colorless sky. The boys are rowdy outside with their politically incorrect toy guns. Boots appears to be annoyed with the boys' loud play. She's been watching the bird feeder all afternoon, hiding in... Continue Reading →

Reflecting Brave

I chose to focus on being brave in 2016. I had no idea what a bloody beating this year had in store for our family. It would be easy for me to rehash all the hurt and trauma we've been... Continue Reading →

Book Rut

I've been stuck in a book rut lately. The same type of books, subjects and authors just keep coming home with me from the library. I like my book rut but maybe it is time to expand some of my... Continue Reading →

Turning Forty-Four

Today I am forty-four. I did not realize it was my birthday until I noticed there were messages on my phone telling me so. I then had to do a little math to figure out my age. Math is hard... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Sitting down to write out our weekly life moments has always been cathartic for me. Emotions need purging and I've generally been successful in doing so with a weekly post on the ordinariness of my insignificant existence. I have found... Continue Reading →

Photojournal: Along the Elkhorn

Yesterday, we explored the banks of the Elkhorn Creek down from our home. The weather dried up several weeks ago so we were able to walk further than in previous visits. Sparkles and Middle Boy walked ahead while Littlest and... Continue Reading →

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