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January the Twenty-third

"Why are you so sad?" These are the first words I heard this morning from my lead at work. She usually opens with, "Hey-hey! Good to see you!" Today, she took one look at me and wanted to know why... Continue Reading →


Wild+Free Franklin Conference

The words and spirit of the conference are still seeping deep into my heart. My emotions changed wildly from one moment to the next. I wept bitter tears and soul-touched tears. Laughter poured loudly and my body could hardly contain... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Birthday Time

Day twenty-four. Did I really say I was going to try to do this daily?!? Silly me. We have fourteen medical/dental/orthodontic appointments this month, Averill House Chemistry group, Adventure school, music lessons, a ZZ Top Concert, and the Wild+Free Conference.... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: 12

Day 19 I may not post everyday but I do at least think about what I would like to write about...mostly. My daughter turned twelve today. I feel so inept as a mother right now. She has so much freedom... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Going Supernova

Day sixteen. How is September half over already? I only worked four hours today but the time dragged. Today was my last day of training for my new position at work. Tomorrow I will get thrown into the crucible; the... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Diagnosis

Today, I was diagnosed with IBS-D. The diagnosis did not surprise me. I was hoping for some other curable issue though. He did tell me to add a probiotic and to find ways to reduce stress (exercise and meditation). He... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Poem

Day twelve Allergies kicked my butt yesterday and I went to bed early. Either I was outside too long or I am allergic to something in the Averill House where the Monday Homeschool group meets. Most likely a bit of... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments: New

Today I trained for my new position at work. My only reason for accepting the new tasks was the hope that I would get at least twenty hours in a work week. I am beginning to despair on that but... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Moments Journal: Nature and Faith

Day nine of thirty. Today went by in a flash. I went to work. While selecting food in the potato chip aisle at work, "Where I Come From" by Montgomery Gentry began playing. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed.... Continue Reading →

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